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All single residence customers that request natural gas service, that requires the installation of a new or replacement service line, will receive an excess flow valve in that new or replacement service line at no cost to the customer.

An excess flow valve is a device designed to shut off the flow of natural gas automatically in the event the gas service line is broken.

Unicoi Gas Utility District is required to inform our customers that excess flow valves meeting minimum United States Department of Transportation standards are available and that if you, the customer, are willing to pay the cost associated with installation, maintenance and replacement of the valve, we will have an excess flow valve installed in the existing natural gas service line to you. It is not mandatory to have an excess flow valve installed in existing service lines.

If you are interested in having an excess flow valve installed in your existing natural gas service line, please contact us for current cost information. Price quotes for the installation, maintenance and future replacement of the valve will be provided at the time the request is made.